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Baby bedding sets on sale - Toys for 1 year old babies - Baby announcements website

Baby Bedding Sets On Sale

baby bedding sets on sale

    on sale
  • Patapum Structured Carriers: 35% off!

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  • A young or newly born animal

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SHAKEN - A Valentines Day Love Affair

SHAKEN - A Valentines Day Love Affair

100% of all sales from this event are going towards the Saskatoon Womens Shelter.

Each image will be on sale for $350 instead of the regular price of $500 in hopes they all sell.

This Valentines Day Ditch the Candy, Toss out the Flowers and scrap that shitty idea of going to the Keg for a red bloody steak.

unSCENEart is proud to Present another Chad Coombs Original.

SHAKEN - A Valentines Day Love Affair.

Bring down that sweet little piece of action you got on your side and show her/him a grand ol time, shake that money maker you got going on and drive that sweet thing wild all night just waiting to get back to your room of Paradise.

For those that DO NOT have a sweet piece of action on the side, well this aint just a swingers party this night is free range meat market pick up central party down till some one goes down night.

40 is the new twenty and getting drunk is the new Romance.
Monday is a Holiday so all you couples and newly acquired wake up together couples can spend all monday in bed listening to your own Barry White making sweet sweet love. After all nothing cures a hang over like good ol fashion hour long sex!!!

There is going to be Lovin Grooving sweet sweet music of the likes of Barry White, Al Green and company Brought to you by the two Teen Heart Throb DJ's them selfs driving both the Girls and Boys crazy all night long with a special custom night music set.

So come down and SHAKE your ass to the music, get the bartenders to SHAKE your drinks before drinking and check out the SHAKEN Polaroids that will be on exhibit.

This will also be the only time the Polaroids are exhibited in Saskatoon as they are to be shown in Munich Germany I believe later this year.

So find your self a date or come pick up your self a date, either way I wanna see you there.
In the words of Mr Barry White.
"We are going to do this allllllllllllllllllll night long baby."

Rooms - Metropolis hotel

Rooms - Metropolis hotel

The hotel houses 74 rooms for smokers and non-smokers.

• Shower and WC;
• Color TV set with remote control;
• Telephone.

• Extra bed;
• Baby cot;
• Extra toiletries;
• Hair dryer.

• Individual safe deposit boxes at the reception;
• Wake-up calls;
• Fax, copying services;
• Postal services;
• Free taxi call;
• Guests with laptops can use wireless internet for free.

baby bedding sets on sale

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